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Master Cabinetmaker JALLE Torell

Between 1986-89, Hjalmar (Jalle) Torell, trained with a master woodworking craftsman in Stockholm, Sweden, where he learned the fine art of furniture making, construction, and design.

Jalle immigrated to Australia from Sweden in 1990 and has lived here ever since.

After 25 years of directing large-scale commercial and residential operations in Sydney, along with his young family, Jalle moved to the seaside city of Newcastle NSW, where he has continued his craftsmanship in fine cabinetmaking.

Jalle established Norrland Pty Ltd, in Newcastle in 2013. The company name directly references Jalle’s homeland in Sweden, the region of Norrland, which is one of three lands of Sweden, besides Svealand and Götaland. Norrland encompasses two-thirds of Sweden, but only a minority of the population lives in the region. Norrland is characterised by forests, mountains, rivers lakes, wildlife, and a harsh winter climate.

Norrland, Sweden
Norrland, Sweden

Jalle has a strong cultural connection to the Swedish region of Norrland, where he spent the majority of his childhood fishing, cross country, and downhill skiing. Jalle continues to travel back to Sweden on a regular basis to visit his close friends and family.

Jalle has become well known in the greater Sydney, Newcastle, and international communities for the creation of impeccable, bespoke furniture, in his signature Swedish style.

Jalle has over 30 years of experience working with clients on intricate and large-scale design and joinery projects, with a personal passion for bespoke custom-made furniture design. Jalle crafts his projects from the finest Australian timbers available and hand-finishes each piece to perfection. 

Our image libraries on this site showcases just a selection of work that Jalle has designed and produced over his career.

Swedish furniture designer and manufacturer Jalle Torell in his workshop in Newcastle, NSW

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